Men In Black 4 Announced by Sony Chief

Doug Belgrad, president of Sony Pictures, has indicated that there will be a Men In Black 4. I suspect this means that he already has the stars on board.

We’re very pleased with the financial performance of Men in Black 3, and we believe it is an ongoing franchise. We’re going to do [another one], but we don’t have clarity yet on how it should be done.

The real difficulty is the time-travel aspect. For Josh Brolin to be in Men in Black 4, he would need to travel to the present or future. The future might be too hard to create and make fun. The present would be boring without a killer story. What about the deep past? Back to when the agency came to be, when the first aliens were spotted on Earth? Perhaps the Prohibition Era?

But there would also need a strong reason for the time travel, and a conundrum. Taking Will back to slave days would be too serious, and too similar to the Wild Wild West disaster. Messing with the future doesn’t really have conundrums…

I vote for a modern day setting, in a foreign land. There are plenty of places where being smartly dressed can be cool – London, Italy, Japan for examples. For the time travel, something tragic happens in the present, and the duo (no Tommy Lee Jones) need to go back in time just one year to prevent it from happening.

But they find they have rewound to a different timeline, a la Fringe, and instead of being secret agents they are recognizable super heroes… Sorry, my writer’s hat is now off again.


The History of Men In Black Movies

The Men in Black are back, this time in 3D, for the third movie spawned by the popular comic books. The same creative team from the 1997 original and 2002 sequel will continue their ongoing fight against extraterrestrials. Stars Will Smith (“I Am Legend”) and Tommy Lee Jones (Oscar winner for “The Fugitive”) will return as Agent J and Agent K, along with director Barry Sonnenfeld (“The Addams Family”). According to Sonnenfeld, the storyline came from Will Smith, who proposed the time travel idea on the set of the 2002 MIB sequel.

In this outing, Agent J (Smith) travels back to 1969 and the early days of the anti-paranormal agency. He must stop an alien from assassinating Agent K as a younger man (played by Josh Brolin of “No Country For Old Men”) in order to prevent a future threat to the MIB organization as well as mankind. Oscar winner Emma Thompson (“Sense and Sensibility”) appears as Oh in modern times, and Alice Eve (“She’s Out of My League”) as a young agent.

This leap into the past will give the audience to learn about the founding of the Men in Black organization, which polices and tracks extraterrestrials, while keeping their existence a secret from the rest of the world. The agents, the Men in Black, who wear trademark dark suits and sunglasses, cut all ties with their previous lives. The agency uses a “neuralyze” to wipe out their memories before they serve and at retirement, to avoid the details of their work from ever escaping into the general population.

In the 10 years since the last film, film special effects have reached new and stunning technological heights, so the new sequel will undoubtedly offer a thrill ride for the senses as well as its delightful mix of science fiction, thriller and comedy. Activision is expected to release a video game based on the film. The official trailer has been released online and can give MIB fans a taste of the movie to come.

The Men in Black have come a long way since their humble beginnings as the heroes of a three-issue comic book series in 1990 by creator Lowell Cunningham. In the comic version, the MIB agency also tracked demons and other paranormal phenomena, but the film series has exclusively focused their efforts on invaders from outer space. The movies have also played up the comedy aspects of the agents than the comic book. Although the MIB comics were well-received in the comic book community, the first Men in Black film made the characters a pop culture landmark. The first film rang up a blockbuster $550 million at the box office as well as critical praise for its inventive take on science fiction. It also won a 1998 Academy Award for Best Makeup.

Men In Black 3 Cast

Will Smith, already widely known for his TV series “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” has made the transition to films with his standout performance in the “Independence Day” ensemble and in “Bad Boys “with Martin Lawrence. “Men in Black” cemented his superstar status and his film career has continued since. Smith easily moves between popular hits like “Hitch” and “I Am Legend,” while also turning in dramatic performances in “Ali” and “The Pursuit of Happyness” that received Oscar nominations. After “MIB 3,” Smith will continue his cinematic encounters with aliens with his son Jaden, a movie star in his own right after “The Karate Kid,” in “After Earth.”

For Tommy Lee Jones, the role of Agent K in the “Men in Black” franchise allows the veteran actor to show his deft comedy skills. Lee’s rugged looks have often cast him as the heavy, such as the abusive husband in “Coal Miner’s Daughter” (1980) or the murderer Gary Gilmore in “Executioner’s Song.” Jones, a Harvard graduate, has enjoyed a long and steady career, with a Best Supporting Oscar for “The Fugitive” (1994), as well as an Emmy, Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe awards to his credit. After “MIB3,” Lee will be seen as General Douglas MacArthur in “The Emperor” and in Steven Speilberg’s “Lincoln” as Vice President Thaddeus Stevens.

Josh Brolin shares more than the role of Agent K with Tommy Lee Jones. Both actors are better known for their portrayals of the dark side of humanity, and have appeared together in the dramas “No Country For Old Men” and “In the Valley of Elah.” Brolin has been working in Hollywood since he appeared as an adolescent in “The Goonies.” Brolin was better known as the son of father, James of “Marcus Welby, M.D.” fame until “No Country…” demonstrated his talent. Since that Best Picture winner, Brolin has continued to impress audiences with his portrayal of George W. Bush in “W.” and “True Grit.”

The Men in Black 3 cast will also include Bill Hader from “Saturday Night Live” as New York artist Andy Warhol, Jemaine Clement from “Flight of the Concords” and Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls. There have also been rumors of a cameo by pop songstress Lady Gaga. The film shot in New York City for its look back at the late 1960s.

Buzz for the upcoming 3D chapter of Men in Black has been positive, with the Memorial Day weekend opening date indicating confidence from the studio of a summer blockbuster. If the creative team can bring their trademark charm to another gripping tale, audiences just may get to look forward to a fourth installment of the series.

Student Claims MIB3 Story Stolen – Sues for $2 Billion

If a movie incorporates a few ideas that they stole from someone else’s screenplay, it is hard to prove. For this guy to win the similarities would need to be widespread and substantial. And he would need to show there was a likely path of theft from his classroom to the movie’s credited screenwriters.

Story from TMZ:

The writers of “Men in Black 3” used a homework assignment stolen from a film school student to finish their blockbuster screenplay … so says the student, who’s now suing for TWO BILLION DOLLARS!!!

In fact, Constantino Basile says his script ideas were so good … they were used in THREE big Hollywood movies and spoofed by Steven Spielberg for the classic SNL short “Laser Cats 7” … according to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Basile claims he submitted his stories “The World of Jupiter” and “Crisis on Jupiter” as assignments for a class at Los Angeles Film School back in 2011.

In the docs, Basile says a teacher at the school sold his work to Hollywood film writers … who incorporated various elements of the stories into their movies, including “MIB 3,” “Prometheus,” and “Elysium.”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/06/15/mib-men-in-black-3-lawsuit-sony-prometheus-elysium-constantino-basile/#ixzz34sRhab5o

R.I.P.D is M.I.B Clone

Due to be released this July, R.I.P.D stars Ryan Reynolds, Mary-Louise Parker, Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges. That would be similar star-power to MIB.

Hollywood.com explains how similar the plots are:

The first trailer for R.I.P.D. was released and it’s got exactly the same M.O. as MIB. You’ve got the wise-cracking, out-of-his element rookie (Ryan Reynolds as a recently deceased police officer) in a secret agency, paired with a crotchety, no-nonsense seasoned vet (Jeff Bridges as a gun-slinging law man in the afterlife), their surprisingly futuristic office (run by a sarcastic boss, played by Mary Louise Parker) and more quippy one-liners, explosions, and other worldly creatures (here it’s the undead threatening Earth instead of aliens) that Hollywood must have thought we really had our minds erased and forgotten we’ve seen this movie before.

If you still need convincing, watch the trailer:

Men In Black 4 – No Will Smith?

Could Will Smith’s days with the franchise be coming to an end? Talking to Collider, Will was asked about a potential 4th movie in the franchise series, Men In Black 4, and he replied:

“I think three is enough for me. Three of anything is enough for me. We’ll look at it and we’ll consider it, but it feels like that it might be time to let someone else do that”.

MIB3 Awarded Most Mistakes Award for 2012

MovieMistakes.com keeps a track of the errors that occur in movies – anything from continuity errors to major plot mistakes. And in 2012 the winner was MIB3 with 78 mistakes, almost twice as many as runner-up SkyFall.

  • How did a giant fish return to life after Will Smith had ripped out its heart?
  • Where did the trash can disappear to?
  • Magically appearing red napkin!
  • Headphones that move about a store counter!

Of course some errors can be forgiven:

When J is bowling the alien’s head at Cosmic Lanes, three Pinball machines are visible to the right of screen. Pinball was banned in New York City between 1940 and 1976. The movie takes place in New York City of 1969 so no Pinball machines should be visible.


Griffin = God in MIB3?

These thoughts are not my own, they come from David D. Flowers who has a Christianity blog.

The Griffin character is a human (or perhaps an alien?) who has an incredible skill – he knows what will happen in the future. The stars of MIB3 eventually recognise this and use it to their advantage. But could this Griffin character just be a vessel for God himself?

I wonder how many other movie characters this could apply to? I guess anyone with a supernatural ability could be God in disguise…


The Real Men in Black

Over at Mysterious Universe is the history of the real Men in Black – and disappearing cars. Information provided includes:

  • In the USA they originally drove 1950s-style black Cadillacs, while over in England their mode of transport was 1960s-era black Jaguars
  • The cars typically look brand new, regardless of age
  • These cars can suddenly disappear, suggesting they might be UFOs

A Proud (UK) Statistic for MIB3

It has just been announced that the movie Brave has just had its 10th consecutive week in the Top 10 box office – in the UK. The only other movie this year to attain such a feat was Men In Black 3. They did however note that Brave’s 10th week had a robust $300K, whereas MIB3’s final week in the Top 10 garnered just £35,500.

Runner-up in the longevity stakes for 2012 is Ice Age 4.

Sonnenfeld to Direct Lore?

Warner Brothers are planning on making a film version of Lore, and Barry Sonnenfeld is in talks to direct. It’s a good fit, for Lore will be a Sci-Fi action thriller. It is adapted from a comic of the same name illustrated by Australian artist Ashley Wood and written by his wife T.P. Louise. Not much else is known about it (unless you have read the comic of course…).

“a young man who reluctantly becomes a member of an elite secret order charged with protecting humanity from the beasts of folklore who invade our world.”

So, expect the story of Grimm, but as light as TV’s Beauty and the Beast (with Ron Perlman). It will need guns – lots of guns – to have any chance of success.

My prediction: Sonnenfeld will pass, a lesser-known director will take it on, and because Ashley Wood is an executive producer, it will be dark and interesting, perhaps similar to Sin City or Dark City.


Pitball Album Launching Nov 18

Pitbull’s new album is called Global Warming and will be released on November 18. Of course it contains the theme song from MIB3, Back In Time. Plus a track with Shakira, and Get It Stared

His new single, Don’t Stop The Party featuring TJR, will be on the radio next week – and then he’ll be one of the latest celebrities to appear on Dancing With The Stars .


MIB3: Did You Cry?

Over at the Steam User’s Forum, Sil3nt702 admitted that he didn’t like MIB3 so much, but  “but the ending almost got me” – and asked is anyone else got all emotional over it.

Someone else did say that they were “slightly touched”.

On another forum, someone said:

I cried at the end of Men in Black 3. The last move that did that to me, the only other one that made me cry as an adult, was Marley and me.

Did you cry?

(I didn’t…)